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How to make a purchase ?

To make a purchase follow the five steps

1- Choose a category by clicking one by the buttons in the left of your screen,

2-Click on the product you want to buy, click on the picture to see all pictures and read the details of the product.

3- Further to the description of the product, you have a field in which you can register the quantity needed. The quantity by default is only 1 product, then if you want more than one it is absolutely necessary to specify the quantity. Then click the button order.

4- An invoice appears with a partial total of your order, free of tax, nor S&H cost.

5- You have then the choice to continue to go shopping or to pay the invoice.
If you did not stop your shopping, click the button to continue to go shopping otherwise to click the button to pay the invoice via Paypal.

If you have any problem to finalise your purchase, please contact me.

Best regards